Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Life Skills Workshops

JOB TITLE:    Life Skills Workshops


OBJECTIVE:  Present workshops to help improve the inmate's skill levels in such areas as balancing a checkbook, personal hygiene, household budgeting, child care, and family communication. This volunteer could also be responsible for gathering up-to-date resources on life skills for the jail library.

WORKSITE:              1. Men's Medium Security Pod

                                 2. Men's Minimum Security Pod

                                 3. Women's Pod

TIMEFRAME:  Generally one hour workshop format. This could be a single topic or a series covering several, and could be repeated in cycles periodically as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS:    1.Experience in teaching some aspect of life skills.

                                 2. Knowledge of life skills and resources

                                 3. Attend 2 hour volunteer orientation

                                 4. Pass criminal background screening

                                 5. Complete volunteer application with references 6. Sign confidentiality agreement

CONTACT:                Sherry Gill, Programs Director


Sheriff Ken McGovern