Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Reentry Mentor

JOB TITLE:   Reentry Mentor


OBJECTIVE: Establish positive role model relationship to support ex-offenders as they transition back into the community. Provide moral support, advice and friendship to individuals who are struggling to overcome the barriers to employment and housing, addictions and other major obstacles to law abiding ways of living Both faith-based and other community centered mentors are needed.

WORKSITE:              1. Men's Medium Security Pod

                                 2. Men's Minimum Security Pod

                                 3. Women's Pod  

TIMEFRAME:  One or two hours per week meeting with individual inmate for five or six weeks prior to release, primarily to insure a good match and mutual interest in continuing. Degree of involvement and duration post-release will be case by case and dependent on needs and availability.

QUALIFICATIONS:     1. Knowledge of music therapy theory

                                  2. Excellent communication skills

                                  3. Attend 2 hour volunteer orientation

                                  4. Pass background screening

                                  5. Complete volunteer application with references

                                  6. Sign confidentiality agreement

CONTACT:                Sherry Gill, Programs Director


Sheriff Ken McGovern