Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Learning Disabilities

JOB TITLE:      Learning Disabilities-Practicum


OBJECTIVE:    This position would explore methods and tools to more effectively identify and meet the educational needs of the learning disabled. While no clear description of specific opportunities or restrictions can be provided at this time, all interested parties are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas for projects with the programs director.

WORKSITE:              1. Men's Maximum Security Pod

                                 2. Men's Medium Security Pod

                                 3. Men's Minimum Security Pod

                                 4. Women's Pod

                                 5. Library programs area

TIMEFRAME:              Negotiable

QUALIFICATIONS:      1. Formal training in learning disabled field.

                                   2. Enrollment for credit in college class

                                   3. Attend 2 hour volunteer orientation

                                   4. Pass background screening

                                   5. Complete volunteer application with references and sign confidentiality agreement

Contact:               Sherry Gill, Programs Director


Sheriff Ken McGovern