Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Pre-Rel Planning

JOB TITLE:   Pre-Release Planning Liaison


OBJECTIVE: Meet with small groups of inmates anticipating release in the near future. Assist in the inmate's creation of a working plan to maintain a law abiding life after release. Help identify specific needs and assist the inmate in finding workable solutions. Facilitate good communication between the inmate and pertinent social service agencies.

WORKSITE:  Meet with inmates in program room or designated areas for initial evaluation of needs. Follow up with appropriate agencies and information resources.

TIMEFRAME: Negotiable. As little as a few hours per month.

QUALIFICATIONS:     1. Familiarity with local social service providers

                                  2. Excellent time management skills

                                  3. Attend 2 hour volunteer orientation

                                  4. Pass background screening

                                  5. Complete volunteer application with references 6. Sign confidentiality agreement

CONTACT:                 Sherry Gill, Programs Director

Sheriff Ken McGovern