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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Inmate Banking

The Douglas County Corrections Division maintains separate money transactions for each inmate in custody.  This is maintained through an Inmate Services Account, which facilitates services such as commissary, haircuts, copy service, notary service, and law brief requests.  If you would like to place money into an inmate's Inmate Services Account, you can do this one of three ways:

  1. Cashier Kiosk in lobby of Correctional Facility.  The kiosk accepts only cash or credit\debit cards.  
  2. Online at www.accesscorrections.com.  This site accepts debit or credit cards with a minimum deposit of $25.00.  The fee schedule is shown below.
  3. Toll Free Number: 866-394-0490

Kiosks have been placed in all of the housing units allowing inmates to check their accounts and order commissary, Wednesday through Monday.  The kiosks are not accessible on Tuesday's due to the commissary orders being processed.

Questions about inmate banking can be directed to Inmate Services.

Questions regarding your Inmate Services Account can be directed to www.accesscorrections.com or by calling 866-394-0490.