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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Inmate Mail

mail with nofed exl for website.jpgDouglas County Correctional Facility Address:
3601 E 25th Street
Lawrence, KS 66046-5616

Please put the inmate's full legal name on your correspondence.  Those letters that reach the facility after an inmate has been released will be returned to sender.  

Only letters sent by the U.S. Postal Service will be accepted.

No hand delivered notes will be accepted.

Inmates are prohibited from corresponding or receiving mail from another inmate in the facility or any other correctional facility or secured treatment center.

All non-privileged mail will be opened for contraband.

All non-privileged mail containing information as it relates to safety and security of the facility remains subject to censorship.

Correspondence identified as legal or privileged will be opened in front of the inmate.

Mail will be delivered according to an established schedule - tentatively once a day during the business week.

Postage stamps may be purchased through commissary and will not be accepted from any other source.

Bulk mail will be returned to sender.

Sexually explicit mail/material will be considered contraband and placed in an inmate's property.  

Indigent inmates will be allowed to mail two (2) post cards each week without cost.