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Thursday, December 02, 2021


The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is a uniformed division that is responsible for patroling the unincorporated areas of Douglas County. This unit has an authorized strength of 29 officers. The responsibility of this unit includes responding to calls for service, crime suppression, traffic enforcement and accident investigation.

During the summer months, the Patrol Division is responsible for providing extra patrol to the area lakes such as Clinton Lake and Lone Star Lake. This patrol is funded through contracts with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Douglas County Public Works Department.

The Patrol Division assists other Douglas County Sheriff's Office units when necessary, such as Civil Process, Warrant Service and Investigations.

The Patrol Division assists local police departments (Lawrence, KU, Eudora and Baldwin City) in the event of major occurrences.

Subdivisions of Patrol include Honor Guard and Dive Team.


For more information contact the Patrol Captain.