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Thursday, December 02, 2021


An important part of the Sheriff’s Office Mission is a commitment to professional excellence and continued personal improvement.  It is our policy to maintain a comprehensive training program that addresses the educational and developmental needs of our employees.  This task is the responsibility of the Training Division.

The Training Division’s duties include:

  • Testing job applicants
  • Providing initial training for newly hired employees
  • Coordinating annual refresher training for staff
  • Overseeing training that is mandated by statute, standard, or regulation
  • Delivering emergency or specialty training
  • Encouraging staff professional growth by identifying their interest areas and assisting in their development as trained resources and instructors
  • Maintaining departmental and individual training records
  • Meeting the statutory training requirements for our commissioned officers

  • Training is presented using a variety of instructional methods:
  • In-house training provided by staff instructors
  • Area specialists brought in as instructors
  • On-the-job training with assigned staff members
  • Video, computer, satellite, or other multi-media training sources
  • Professionally sponsored classes, schools, seminars, and conferences
  • Self-directed study using department and outside resources

Training topics are many and varied with some being highly specialized.
A partial list includes:

Harassment Free Workplace, Interpersonal Communications, Interview/Interrogation Techniques, Effective Report Writing, Supervisor Development, Computer Skills, Defensive Tactics, Firearms Qualification, Non-lethal Weapon Use, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Accident Investigation, Crime Scene Processing, Constitutional Law, Basic Emergency Medical Skills, and more.

Many of our employees earn and maintain certifications in a number of areas including CPR/AED, Radar/Lidar Operator, Taser Operator, Intoxilyzer Operator, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Dive Rescue/Recovery, K-9 Handler, Emergency Medical, and various Instructor Certifications.